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Shyamrai Electronics has also designed, manufactured and supplied number of Process Controllers like:

BAG FILTER CONTROLLER, Temperature Scanner, Temperature Transmitter, PID Controller, MPPT Battery Chargers for Solar Power Plant, UPS, etc. to various industries.

  • Client focussed team approach. 
  • Total Quality Management commitment. 
  • Reduced cycle time through use of advanced technology.
TEAM / MANAGEMENT APPROACH  : Our approach to project begins with understanding clients requirement and achieving the most cost effective solutions. Using this approach, your requirements are defined and agreed upon prior to project execution. We work closely with the client, consultant and this creates a partnership that produces cost effective solutions that meet the client needs. We become members of a team with our client and work toward a common objective.

TOTAL QUALITY  : We use quality as the key measurement in managing every aspect of our business. As a company committed to achieving total customer satisfaction, Shyamrai Electronics constantly measures its conformance to requirements and progress toward project goals. The result is significant project optimization, consistency and economy from start to on time finish.



Automation & Software

  • TR Set, Thyristor Control Panel & Micro-Processor based Controller for Electrostatic Precipitator.
  • Micro-Processor based MIGI Rapping Controller
  • Precipitator Management System
  • Microprocessor Based Power Meter - 3 phase and single phase
  • Remote Power Monitoring and Networking
  • Power Grid Controller to monitor Export & Import of Power
  • Turbine Governor Control Software
  • Elevator Controller & BAG FILTER CONTROLLER
  • Elevator Control Automation with MMI
  • UPS- 10 kW and above
  • Soot Blower Automation with MMI
  • Solar Battery Charger (MPPT)
  • DM Plant Automation
  • Custom Built Process Controllers
  • Custom Built Software's including PLC

These are the only products that know the difference between promise and performance. The difference between theoretical and measured performance can be compared with day and night. And when it comes to measured performance there is a big difference between SHYAMRAI ELECTRONICS and other suppliers in the industry. Power Savings of minimum 20% than the  existing ESP Controllers are guaranteed with same/reduced emission level.

We also undertake repairing of any make of T/R sets, Thyristor Panels, Microprocessor Based ESP Controllers and Process Equipment’s.

EXPERIENCE : We have supplied and commissioned our ESP control system for more than 500 nos. of ESP. We have also supplied &  installed our  Precipitator Management System to customers like SFC Kota, TISCO etc. Many of our customers by replacing their existing control system with our control system have achieved more than 30% of Power & 20% 0f emission reduction in ESP performance.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT  : Shyamrai Electronics R & D setup has the most advanced equipments and state of art  technology.  Continuous development has resulted  i  n development of Precipitator Management System (PMS) through computer network to control 99 nos. of ESP controller, HFTR, IGBT based Panel, Data Acquisition System and Display, Powerline Communication, Digital Energy meters, Remote Metering  etc.

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